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Massage - Yoga - Pilates - Bodywork

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Satu Heinke

Once a week we have a yoga/exercise session in the garden followed by a massage. For us it has been a way to survive, a way to support a tired body and get contact with our souls.

We always look forward to Thursdays when Satu renew us with her magical hands!

Almost all of our guests treat themselves to a massage session while they are here and the feedback is exclusively super positive.

Kari & Per


I graduated as a physiotherapist in 1999. Since then I have been working with all kinds of people, from all backgrounds including professional football players and children of all ages

(as a pediatric Bobath therapist).

This means I have worked with many different individual needs and issues.

I love to see how everyone's body can benefit from each movement I facilitate or treatment I give!

For me, good body alignment helps you to feel more at home in your body.

By changing your body, you can also change your emotional state or vice versa.

Everybody is welcome!

I  hope to see you soon in person!


I speak German, English, Finnish, Italian and a tiny bit Norwegian :-)

Massage &


Intuitive healing massage

With my sensitive hands, I try to find your body's tender areas.

My aim is to make this treatment as individual as possible, helping to balance your body and mind.


Tibetan Kum Nye massage

This holistic massage has a very long tradition in Tibetan culture. It helps to relax the muscles and releases tension in the body.


When there is less tension, there are fewer blockages, and our energy, essences and blood flow in a much better way. This massage helps your body enter into a deep relaxation and you gain more power and energy to face the challenges of daily life.


Lu Jong

This is a Tibetan moving technique also called Tibetan healing yoga which is suitable for everybody, no matter what condition you are in.

Invented by Tibetan monks and eremites 8000 years ago, they were trying to find a way to stay healthy without access to traditional medicine.

By moving your body in a pleasant and meditative way, you support the health of your spine, and balance all your 5 elements. There are also exercises for all the other parts of your body and your emotions.


Roll & release

In this session we roll on Pilates rollers and different kinds of balls to work on your fascia and posture.

We release tension that can build up in your connective tissue to better align your whole body. This can also be very beneficial for painful joints.  Once the body is more aligned, we can start to train your muscles.

You will feel an immediate benefit after every class and you can continue to do these exercises at home.


Raindrop massage

This gentle massage with therapeutic grade essential oils from the Mediterranean supports a very deep relaxation of your body and mind. The oils can also change your emotional well-being and help to detox.


This treatment includes a Vitafllex foot and back massage.

These oils will stay in your system for a week or more and continue to work.


Manual lymph drainage

This is a very gentle massage of the lymph vessels which lie directly under your skin. This helps to eliminate your body`s waste and creates new collateral vessels which together increase the flow of the lymph fluid.



The 6 principles of Pilates are breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow.

First we find your individual neutral position of the pelvis, shoulder blades and neck after which we start to train your core.


The strength of your core is the basis for strengthening your extremities and the quality of your movements. Sometimes this also means overcoming old movement patterns and habits.


After a few classes you will have more awareness of your core and a new perception of your body.

All exercises can be adapted to your personal fitness level.

Booking with Satu

Minimum 2 hour

All treatments and classes needs to be booked in advance. Make a booking in our calendar and we will confirm the booking or find another day.

Satu speaks English, German and Italian

Minimum booking per day is 2 hours, that means you can order minimum

1 hour massage + 1 1/2 hour bodywork


2 hours massage (can be 2 persons)

You make yourbokking here

Satu er et møte mellom mildhet og varme i godt menneske. Hun er intuitiv og profesjonell når hun masserer. Dette var den beste behandling jeg noen gang har fått, og jeg har trengt mange opp gjennom årene. En vond, stram og stiv kropp blir myk, medgjørlig og «frisk» med healing og massasje av Satu.
Anbefales på det sterkeste!


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